A massive crowd of people who love the United States is preparing to travel to Washington D.C., in support of the president, Donald Trump, as he defends electoral constitutionality, that’s been violated in so many ways this year.

President Trump invited and urged people to attend what may well be the “biggest in history.”

However, they will also have to overcome the obstacles they will encounter as the event develops. 

Co-founder of the political organization Tea Party Patriots, Jenny Beth Martin, warned about the obstructions imposed by hotels and airlines that close their services from the days before Jan. 6 or raise their rates, according to her tweets of Dec. 30. 

“WOW: They are working overtime to stop people from coming to Washington DC to protest election fraud,” she wrote under the user @jennybethm.

Pointing out: “DC Mayor closed indoor dining, price gouging with airlines and hotels, now some hotels are CLOSING during the event dates.”

However, she insists on the project by saying: “We will continue to be there to stop the theft!”

In response to Martin’s tweet, some patriots mention that they will travel about 3,000 miles from California and about 1,000 miles from Florida to do their patriotic duty.

Other participants in the tweet thread offer indications of where to stay, and some point out the convenience of locating in the state of Maryland, adjacent to the capital. 

What everyone is clear about is that nothing will stop them from attending, and above all, they are clear about their mission, as expressed by the author Pat Bardowell, with the Twitter user @camry2338.

“Take sleeping bags. Your fight 4 freedom is more important than any inconvenience you’ll endure in DC. It’s cancel culture and Mayor D his leader of the posse.”

She added: “They have nothing 2 fear from Patriots, it’s ANTIFA and BLM they shld worry about. They loot and burn, but no one dare complain.”

For Mark Levin, TV presenter on Blaze TV, the fraudulent 2020 election process in the United States violated the Constitution, which should worry people because: “it will be the people of the United States who love our republic who will lose.”

And it should also worry the Republicans in Congress: “because if the latter do not face and challenge this anarchy at least on Jan. 6, when Congress meets to count the votes, it will be the downfall of the Republican Party and, simultaneously, the downfall of our presidential electoral system,” says Levin.

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