A group inspired by former President Trump’s 1776 Commission has just launched a strong campaign recognizing September as “Patriot Education Month.” The initiative is part of its mission to “counter false and misleading accounts of American history” in schools and encourage students to take pride in being part of their country.

The group, known as 1776 Action, arose out of concern about the ideological and divisive agenda being imposed on students in schools and universities, based on the idea of breaking with traditions and promoting hatred of American roots. 

In this regard, Adam Waldeck, president of 1776 Action said in a dialogue with Fox News that, “From Washington to Lincoln to Rev. King to Rosa Parks we are a land of heroes, and the values that they all fought and sacrificed for should not be shunned, but celebrated. Patriotic Education Month is one way to get started.”

Through the initiative, local leaders across the country will be encouraged to issue proclamations establishing September as Patriot Education Month to “promote an honest and patriotic history that celebrates the history of progress that defines our nation and the heroes and patriots who have led the way.”

The event comes just at a time of extreme upheaval in the U.S. education system when schools are implementing a controversial critical race theory curriculum in classrooms, and countless parents are denouncing and criticizing such teachings as harmful to children. 

It should be noted that the group condemns and seeks to eliminate racism. The major criticism is that imposing Critical Theory on the education of children and adolescents is far from combating racism; on the contrary, it is “stoking the embers that are still smoldering,” said Derrick Wilburn, a Colorado parent who went viral for his comments during a school board meeting in August.

The 1776 Action group is modeled after the 1776 Commission created by Trump during his presidency with the goal of celebrating and promoting the principles enshrined in the nation’s founding documents. 

The Commission, which was disbanded by Joe Biden on his first day in the White House, came about in response to The New York Times‘ controversial “Project 1619,” which contends that America was founded on foundations of an essentially racist nation. 

Project 1619 was created in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the beginning of slavery in the United States and aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the national narrative.

The 1776 Commission, was composed of some of America’s most distinguished scholars and historians. During the waning days of the Trump era, the Commission presented a report detailing the principles of the American founding, making a cogent description of the effect that the principles of the Declaration of Independence have had on the nation’s history.

The report, in addition to highlighting the values of the nation’s founding fathers, seeks to refute destructive attempts to reframe U.S. history based on the false premise that the country was founded on a purely racist and discriminatory foundation, which is evidence of a biased understanding of the facts.

“As we approach the 250th anniversary of our independence, we must resolve to teach future generations of Americans an accurate history of our country so that we all learn and cherish our founding principles once again,” concluded the commission’s report.

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