Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress praised President Donald Trump as “the most pro-life, pro-religious liberty president in American history,” saying he will not regret supporting the president despite the riot at the U.S Capitol on Jan. 6 and the Democratic-led impeachment. 

During an interview with Fox News Business on Saturday, Jan. 16, Jeffress called out left-wing media, Democrats, and Republicans for pressuring President Trump’s supporters into betraying the president.

“That’s an attempt to shame people like you and me who strongly support this president into repenting our support of him,” Jeffress told host Lou Dobbs. “Well, I’ll guaran-dang-tee you I’m not repenting of anything. Certainly, not my support of this great president.”

“I told him [President Trump] this week I believe he is the greatest president of my lifetime and he will go down as the most pro-life, pro-religious liberty president in American history. And nothing anyone says can change that,” he added. “He is leaving the office next week with his legacy intact.”

Dobbs said President Trump compiled an “extraordinary legacy” and referred to the president’s enemies and opponents as “the corrupt forces within our government who worked against him.”

“I remember so well about six months after he became president, I remember sitting in the Oval Office and telling the president ‘You have an access of evil that’s gonna conspire to take you down. Not only the media and Democrats but the establishment Republicans and that’s proved to be true,” Jeffress said. 

Earlier this week, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), one of 10 House Republicans who joined Democrats to vote to impeach President Trump on Wednesday, falsely accused Jeffress in a tweet of backing the president’s statements of a stolen election. Kinzinger later deleted the tweet but called out Jeffress for not having pressed “those stolen election conspiracies.”

“It is the most vile, venomous assault ever conducted against a president in our country’s history, short of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln,” Dobbs said.

Jeffress said Americans need to pray for new president as the Bible said, adding, “But we also need to be ready to push back against the ungodly policies that are sure to come. These are days for God’s people to stand up and to be courageous like never before.”