One pastor at an influential church in California has stated he is casting his vote for Donald Trump with “confidence.” Bill Johnson is a a fifth-generation pastor and senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, and he believes mainstream media has wrongly cast the president as a “racist, misogynist, and xenophobe.”

Johnson said people need to vote, as “I only have one vote and my vote doesn’t really matter” is a lie from the devil meant to silence millions of voices. The church has remained silent in California, and allowed, “taxpayer-funded gender transition drugs and surgeries available to children … that could undermine parental consent. This is insanity … we must act,” he said, as reported by Fox News.

Bill Johnson, the senior lead pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, Calif., speaking at Heaven Come conference in Los Angeles May 24, 2019. (Bethel Church)

In an op-ed for The Christian Post, Johnson said the president “is the only one who isn’t owned by either party, and is fully capable through courage and boldness to bring about the changes needed.”

Johnson, the author of “Born for Significance,” said President Trump has achieved most of the promises he set out to do for Americans during his first term, and said it’s “an honorable character trait of any elected official to follow through on their commitments.”

Johnson, who often gives sermons on revival, and the Holy Spirit said, “For me it is worthy of note that I’ve never seen a president who loved prayer as much as Donald Trump—and that includes from those I voted for and those I didn’t.” He continued, “His passion for godly counsel is also legendary. His historic actions for Israel should appeal to believers, as the biblical mandate to pray supportively for Jerusalem is a clear priority in scripture.”

The charismatic pastor is sending up prayers for the president and his family, as he has done for previous presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. “That he would have great wisdom for his near impossible assignment, and that he would always listen to godly counsel … that he would increase in favor with God and man.”

He added, “I pray for those who are in fear or uncertainty leading up to this election, that God Himself would give them peace and a hope-filled promise. And finally I pray that each of us would have a life of realizing the fulfillment of dreams, with great health and blessing in every area of life.”

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