The executive director of the social network Parler, John Matze, on Wednesday, nov. 25, described the “secret internal algorithm” of Facebook as Orwellian. Executive Director Mark Zuckerberg reportedly changed the platform’s algorithm after the recent U.S. presidential election, to highlight media outlets such as CNN, NPR, and The New York Times, all of which declared themselves opponents of Republican President Donald Trump.

The argument used by sources close to Zuckerberg to justify his decision was the attempt to give less visibility to “hyper-partisan media.” 

During an interview at “Fox & Friends,” Matze strongly criticized the algorithm that the popular Facebook platform uses to determine news and search priorities for its users.

The decision is controversial, considering that the interpretation of a media’s hyperpartisanship is a subjective category depending on the ideals and beliefs of each individual. In fact, it is difficult to deny that the media cited are not just ultra-defenders of the Democratic candidates and with a leftist vision of all their analyses. 

“Parler believes that people should make the determination for themselves what they think is hyperpartisan or they believe in and what they’d like to follow and they can choose on their own on Parler what they’d like to get engaged with,”  Matze said on this issue.

“So for me, this kind of Facebook secret internal algorithm thing is kind of Orwellian,” alluding to the dystopian reality depicted in George Orwell’s novel “1984.”

The program’s hosts consulted Matze about how Parler handles the issue of political information circulating within its platform.

“We don’t pretend to be experts about the news or pretend to be experts about fact-checking,” Matze explained. “We just offer people a platform and let everybody else decide what they want and what they want to engage with and I think that’s the right way to do it.”

The Parler platform is experiencing a massive expansion of new users, as a result of the current discontent that plagues thousands of Twitter and Facebook users in the face of excessive censorship. 

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, leading social networks in number of users worldwide, played a key role in the last elections by making available their platforms and data verifiers to delimit what kind of information should be published and what should not. Their bias was very clear in favor of the left and the Democrats at all times. 

In response to this situation, the new platform, Parler, is becoming increasingly popular. It focuses on users with a conservative profile and followers of President Trump who can access all kinds of information and publications without being censored, The BL reported.

Parler became the No. 1 downloaded app on Apple’s App Store during Election Day week and No. 2 on Google Play, according to Fox News based on data collected from app analyst firm Apptopia.

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