Over the last year, over 200 newspapers across the U.S. have joined antitrust cases against Google and Facebook.

According to the lawsuits, Facebook and Google monopolized the digital advertising industry, siphoning off cash that should have gone to local news organizations.

The case began as an attempt by small-town newspapers to take on the tech giants. But it quickly grew into a national movement, with more than 200 newspapers from dozens of states taking part.

The first lawsuit was filed in January 2021 by Doug Reynolds, a managing partner of HD Media, a parent company that controls newspapers across West Virginia.

Reynolds filed the first case with the help of a group of lawyers. Since then, the attorneys union has pledged to represent newspapers from across the country to file similar lawsuits.

Farrell and Fuller, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, Fitzsimmons Law Firm, and Herman Jones LLP specialize in antitrust lawsuits and have a personal interest in journalism.

“We fully support this litigation.” News Media Alliance general counsel Danielle Coffey stated, according to Breitbart.

According to Clayton Fitzsimmons, one of the union’s attorneys, the lawsuit aims to “recover past damages to newspapers” made by Big Tech firms.

Fitzsimmons added that another goal is to “establish a new system going forward in which newspapers aren’t just competitive again, but can thrive.”

Google claimed, “These claims are just wrong. The online advertising space is crowded and competitive, our ad tech fees are lower than reported industry averages, and publishers keep the vast majority of revenue earned when using our products. We are one of the world’s leading financial supporters of journalism and have provided billions of dollars to support quality journalism in the digital age.”

Facebook has yet to respond.

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