In the New York subway, an angry woman began ripping down advertisements for dating app OKCupid that promote promiscuity, vaccination, using some obscene graphics. She was soon joined by another passenger who helped remove the offending material.

Dayum Nobueno shared two videos on Twitter that went viral showing when an Asian woman started to destroy some OkCupid ads that she considered obscene and propaganda that children should not see.

In the videos, the Asian woman can be heard saying:

“This is gross, this is gross. I don’t know, for kids to be looking at this, is that okay? This is propaganda.” A female passenger met these comments with approval and said, “No, this is wrong.”

The woman continued to complain about OKCupid’s advertising while ripping down the billboards, “I don’t know why, like, no one sees this, this is disgusting,” she expressed indignantly. At that point, she was joined by a man who began to help her.

“It’s divide and conquer, I don’t know why you guys don’t see it. This is not about equality, guys. It’s about communism,” the lady added, referring to the content of the advertisement.

The app launched a new advertising campaign in August with controversial messages and images.

The messages target all “types” of people, e.g., “Non-Binary,” “Non-Monogamous,” Vaxxer,” “Pansexual,” and included in many of the ads images that people consider obscene.

They also often use messages with leftist ideology in their advertisements.

“It’s OK to choose Mr. Right based on how far he leans left.”

Or promoting promiscuity,

“It’s okay to have strong convictions and abandon them for the night”

More and more parents express their dissatisfaction with these “woke” tendencies as dangerous for their children.

For example, parents in Gillette, Wyoming, are fighting to prevent their children from finding obscene material promoting homosexuality and transsexuality in the children’s and teen sections of public libraries and school libraries.

On Sept. 13, one of these parents contacted the city’s public library and asked the executive director a series of questions.

In his questioning, the parent referred to specific quotes from a book in the teen section. The book “This Book Is Gay,” is described by Life Site as a book of “‘how-to’ for depraved, unsafe sexual perversions” and that any average person would “be sickened by this book.”

Contrary to the thinking of many parents, the principal said she read part of the book and found nothing objectionable, so she did not bother to read it further.

In closing, Life Site gave this reflection:

“This reinforces what we basically already knew. The obscene books, “Gay Pride Month” programs, and Drag Queen events in our libraries targeting children are no accident. These are being put in place by people with no moral compass, working hand in glove with radical organizations such as the American Library Association, LGBT groups, and others. Libraries have changed drastically in recent decades. The worst possible people are running them. It’s time to put normal people back in charge and stop the assault on children.”

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