The student government of the University of Oregon is rooting for controversial critical race theory to become compulsory for all undergraduate students.

The curriculum is expected to teach learners concepts of racism, equality, social justice, and the history of race and solve what Democrats commonly refer to as the systemic racism that has entwined into the U.S.’s culture.

Isaiah Boyd, president of the university’s Associated Students repeated similar arguments when he discussed the proposal at a Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 1, Fox News reported.

“Increasing awareness of systemic racial inequities creates opportunity for people in power to engage in socially conscious action and decision-making within higher education,” Boyd said as he pitched CRT’s importance.

He said making CRT mandatory in the bachelor’s degree programs had been one of the Associated Students’ top priorities.

The University of Oregon responded to the proposal positively, according to a statement it sent to Fox News

“The Office of the Provost [of Oregon University] is happy to continue the dialogue with student leadership around core curriculum requirements in conjunction with the University Senate and its curriculum committees, which now have student representation for the first time in several years,” the statement reads.

Why Critical Race Theory is controversial

While CRT is a hero among leftists, Republicans abhor it. They believe it would be counterproductive and stem even more segregation through its acknowledgment of discrimination between races.

Critics also find CRT as just another sibling of the Communist’s Marxism framework.

Those who lived through the dark days of China’s Cultural Revolution said it was the same thing that fueled the bloodshed of 500,000 to 20 million Chinese people.

Then Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong issued a movement that sought to overturn the “four olds,” including old ideas, old customs, old habits, and old culture. He introduced concepts of struggles between classes—instead of races—to forward the plan.

His initiation resulted in an army of students, called the Red Guard, who did not hesitate to kill their teachers, academics, and religious followers. Back at the time, ancient heritages such as temples, shrines, and Buddist statues would be aggressively destroyed.

The Red Guard eventually grew out of control with their leftist agendas and was subsided by military forces ordered by Mao himself.

Xi Van Fleet, a Chinese-born now Virginia resident, was one of the parents opposing CRT.

She said during the Cultural Revolution, students and teachers were enemies to each other, and schools were swarmed with “Big Posters” of ideological criticisms.

Speaking in front of the Loudoun County School Board members, the mother recounted an event where one teacher was spat on by students just because she wore pretty clothes.

“You are now teaching, training our children to be social justice warriors and to loathe our country and our history,” she alleged as she talked about the support for adopting CRT.

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