Authorities arrested a man after he pulled a gun on a group of Antifa rioters who allegedly smashed his pickup truck’s taillights, sprayed his windshield with paint, and maced him during a riot in Salem, Oregon, on Sunday, March 28.

The altercation was one of many that occurred near the state capitol on Sunday during a “freedom” rally that was billed as an event to honor those who “fought for our freedoms.”

“Protesters on the sidewalks and in the street in Salem threw objects at a number of vehicles that drove by the Capitol with American flags”, according to Daily Mail.

Video footage captured the moment a group of unruly rioters began spraying paint cans across a man’s truck’s windshield and smashing his vehicle’s lights.

The truck, which was painted red and blue, had a sticker or large decal on it that read “Agent Orange Vietnam Victim.”

The man was seen wearing an American flag sweatshirt that read “I stand for the flag, I kneel for the cross” as he stepped out of his vehicle to survey the damage the demonstrators inflicted on his vehicle. As he exited the truck, he confronted the protesters who had gathered around it — and who then proceeded to mace him.

Showers of glass can be seen coming from a right-rear window that had just been smashed by Antifa at the 24-second mark in the video (2:14 min long one). A sticker on the window read, “Don’t Portland my Oregon.”

Hearing the glass shatter, the man walked around the vehicle, assessing the damage. Someone off-camera appeared to spray the man with pepper spray at 32 seconds. He shook off the spray and pulled out a pistol he had hidden. He loaded a round into his pistol and held it by his side, yelling at the Antifa demonstrators to leave.

“Get away from me,” the man yelled, his non-gun hand extended. He started walking back around the back of his truck while continuing to point the gun at the ground.

When a police officer arrived on the scene, he told the man to put his gun down. He obeyed by securing the handgun in the bed of his truck. The officer then ordered him to the ground.

In a statement, Oregon State Police said the man pulled a handgun from his waistband to defend himself after being pepper sprayed.

“He did not point the weapon at anyone and dropped it when ordered to do so by Law Enforcement. This person has a valid concealed handgun license. This person was detained, interviewed and then released,” the statement reads.

During the demonstration and counter-protest, four men were arrested. Police announced that two people were charged with disorderly conduct, one with interfering with an officer, and another with unlawfully pointing a laser.

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