The White House ordered a “comprehensive threat assessment” of domestic violent extremism (DVE) that will involve the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced.

“The January 6th assault on the Capitol and tragic deaths and destruction that occurred underscored what we have long known, the rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat,” Psaki said according to ABC Jan. 22. 

She added, “The Biden administration will confront this threat with the necessary resources and resolve.”

She then specified that the strategy to achieve this would be developed in three stages. In the first one, the FBI and DHS will assess the threat. In the second stage, the National Security Council (NSC) will combat the DVE. In the third stage, the federal agencies will be articulated to face this alleged threat, explained Psaki.

President Biden referred to the DVE in his inaugural speech on Jan. 20, mentioning “a rise of political extremism, of White supremacy and domestic terrorism,” which, he said, “We must confront, and we will defeat,” according to Fox News. 

Given that Psaki only referred to the recent riots of Jan. 6, he could be referring to the Republicans who gathered to accompany former President Donald Trump on that occasion as violent.

However, it is known that the Jan. 6 demonstration was infiltrated by members of the Marxist groups’ Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, who are accused of promoting the riots.

The contrast is huge with the dozens of deaths, the thousands of fires, and the destruction of small businesses that BLM and Antifa promoted for months in hundreds of U.S. cities following African-American George Floyd’s death May 25, 2020.

Throughout the months in which the violent disturbances occurred, the Democrats ignored the huge disaster, saying that it was just an ‘idea.’ At the same time, the media pretended to be distracted. They did not report on the tribulations suffered by the citizenry. 

For her part, New York Democratic Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez asked her followers to draw up a blacklist of Republican opponents to deal with them once in power.

Such tactics bring to mind those used by totalitarian regimes such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in their persecution of opponents.

Given the leftist extremism adopted by the Democratic Party in recent times, the victims of the repressive strategies of the federal fight against the DVE will be precisely the followers of former President Trump.

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