Children as young as 12 are being trafficked by the CEO of Central Jet Charter, a private aircraft charter company. 

The indictment of Paul Alexander, 57, of the Bronx, a Level 3 Sex Offender, for sex trafficking young girls in New York City was confirmed recently by Attorney General Letitia James. The long-running joint investigation between the OAG’s Organized Crime Task Force (OCTF) and the NYPD’s Vice Major Case Squad, Human Trafficking Team, has made this prosecution possible. This was the first time James has charged a suspect with the newly enacted crime of Sex Trafficking of a Child, which carries a tougher punishment than adult trafficking.

The NYC Jet Executive was charged with 17 counts, including Sex Trafficking of a Child with associated counts of First, Second, Third, and Fourth Degrees of Promoting Prostitution; Conspiracy; multiple counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child; and Obscenity charges. The case was unveiled today by Criminal Division Judge Michael A. Gross in the Bronx County Supreme Court. It is class B felony for child sex trafficking and first-degree prostitution promotion, and severe felony offense that is for Sex Trafficking of a Child. If convicted of the top counts, Alexander could face a sentence of up to 50 years in jail. Alexander was remanded and ordered to appear in court on March 12, 2021.

James used the words “disgraceful, sickening, and blatantly illegal” to describe the crime of sexually exploiting children, according to Breaking 911. As Alexander’s acts allegedly caused untold pain and humiliation to minors, James believes it’s in stark contrast to adults’ duty in protecting children. She promises that her office will continue to employ every weapon at its disposal to bring out all sex offenders and child predators and restore justice to the victims of their crimes. 

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea proclaims that today’s charges have reaffirmed The New York Police Department’s steadfast dedication to fighting human trafficking and protecting victims of this horrific crime. He lauded NYPD detectives and the New York State Attorney General for their tireless efforts.

Alexander is the Chief Executive Officer of Central Jet Charter, a private aircraft charter company. According to investigators, “Operation Mile High” has been named for this investigation. By applying covert recording devices, social media, and undercover operations, the team was able to discover that Alexander was selling children across county lines for sex. The investigation started in March after an underage victim reported Alexander to the NYPD for allegedly pimping out and abusing her and other girls.

Alexander charged an undercover police officer $300 for sexual contact with two 12-year-old victims and a 14-year-old victim. Alexander advised the agent to use alcohol and marijuana on the victims so they would be more cooperative. 

Moreover, Alexander would attract female teenage victims (ages 12 to 16) to his apartment in Bronx County between 2018 and 2020, according to the report, marijuana and food were the common incentives he used on them. As soon as they arrive, he would then try to perform sexual acts on them, reveal himself to them, and show them nude photos. 

Additionally, Alexander is also accused of presenting his victims with naked photos of himself with other teenage girls. 

The arrest transpired on December 5, 2020.