A restaurant waitress, Liny, has become popular on TikTok after revealing that she barely made one penny in six weeks.

The female from Nashville, Tennessee, posted a clip showcasing her paychecks from her boss for the previous few months—she got paid exactly one penny.

The clip has created a significant controversy regarding whether or not customers should tip their waiters. Others argue that the restaurant should pay their workers more.

In the video, the 25-year-old shows three separate paychecks. One was issued on Aug. 30 for $0.00. Another from Sept. 13 was also for nothing. Then, finally, she displayed a cheque dated Sept. 27 for $0.01.

The federal minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.13 per hour. In Tennessee, however, federal, Social Security, and Medicare taxes are withheld. As a result, Liny received only $0.01 from her job.

Liny did not indicate how many hours she worked during the six-week pay period, nor how much she earned in tips. “Tip your servers!!!” she adds in the video’s description.

“It’s not my job to pay your bills,” one viewer said. “I got my own to pay,” This comment got a whopping 10,200 likes.

“Blame the businesses you’re working for, not the consumers,” said another one.

“In other countries, they don’t need to tip because they pay a living wage.”

“I’ve easily made $4400 a month being a waitress. Don’t let those empty checks fool you if you’re serving and making so much more than you get as an hourly rate,” another commented.

Still, some disagreed and supported Liny. “If you can’t tip go to McDonalds or cook at home,” one defended her.

“Y’all did not pass the vibe check. When someone is taking your order and bringing your food, they are providing a service,” another commented on Tiktok.

Of course, not every waitress has had this earning problem. Last month, a Hooters waitress posted on TikTok her hefty $408 tips. Kristen Songer said she worked in a South Carolina business for seven hours on a Sunday and earned $408 from tips.

Working 10:30 a.m. to midnight, she made $350 and $190 for a six-hour workday on the second shift. A man even tipped Kristen $60 just for having a nice talk to him.

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