An Amtrak train struck a box truck Sunday evening on the tracks south of the University Park Metra station in Illinois, derailing a locomotive and five-passenger vehicles.

Amtrak said Illinois Train 393 struck the truck at around 5 p.m. in the suburb roughly 35 miles south of Chicago.

Officials said the driver of the truck died and two passengers were transported to Olympia Fields Hospital with minor injuries, according to CBS.

The train was traveling at 70 mph when it hit the truck, according to Deputy Chief Shawn Richards of the University Park Fire Department.

Officials said there were about 297 passengers on board, headed to Carbondale from Chicago. A charter bus is set to arrive by 10 p.m. to transport the passengers to their destination, Amtrak spokesperson Marc Magliari said.

According to Amtrak officials, the City of New Orleans Train 59 that departs from Chicago Sunday has been canceled along with two trains that were scheduled to depart to Carbondale tomorrow due to the collision. No alternative transportation will be provided.

Local police are investigating the cause of the incident.

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