A revealing report details that the “vaccine passport” concept is not something new that emerged during the pandemic caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus but was in the works even 20 months before the pandemic began. Suppose the entire plan behind these “passports” is implemented. Every aspect and movement of our lives can be monitored and regulated according to the whims and fancies of the “Pharma Overlords” in collaboration with globalist governments.

The initial proposal for ‘Vaccine Passports’ was first published on April 26, 2018, by the European Commission. It was ignored by the hegemonic media and did not translate to the general public, but plans began to brew all the same. 

As can be read in the initial roadmap of the report, to achieve implementation of the European Commission’s proposal, the main action was to “examine the feasibility of developing a common vaccination card/passport” for European citizens. Such technology must be “compatible with electronic immunization information systems and recognized for cross-border use.”

The roadmap also mentions the need to strengthen “existing partnerships” and “collaboration with international actors and initiatives” and refers specifically to the Global Vaccine Summit that would take place in 2019. The attendees and agenda of this summit are also revealing an understanding of our present pandemic.

The summit was held on Sept. 12, 2019, in Brussels, Belgium, just three months before the CCP Virus outbreak began in Wuhan, China. The summit did not receive mainstream media attention. But according to public records, it was organized by the European Commission in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Attendees included political leaders, high-level representatives from ministries of health, the United Nations, leading academics, health professionals and scientists, non-governmental and private sectors. The summit’s central theme was to highlight confidence in global vaccination campaigns and global pandemic influenza virus planning. 

Among the event’s highlights were: Seth Berkley, executive director of GAVI; Nanette Cocero, global president of Pfizer Vaccines, Global Vaccine Alliance, an organization that has received significant funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and Joe Cerrell, managing director of Global Policy and Advocacy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Documents distributed to participants included reports aimed at: “Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Planning,” “Pandemic Influenza Exercises for the European Union,” “Towards Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Adequacy in the EU,” and “A ‘Public-Private Partnership’ on European Pandemic Influenza Vaccines.”

All documents stress the imperative need for a strong partnership between the public sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

Regarding the “vaccination passport,” as planned in the roadmaps of the European Commission report, this would not just be a document to restrict entry or movement to certain places. What emerges from the information revealed is the intention to create a comprehensive and large-scale surveillance system, aiming for all aspects of life to be monitored and regulated.

Several examples of experiments in development and even some that are already in operation show that reality can indeed surpass fiction.

As reported by CBS News, Pentagon scientists have created a microchip that could be injected into people’s bodies to detect the coronavirus even before it shows any symptoms that could be contagious. The alarm could alert the person, group, or institution in charge of managing the microchip.

“Flying Syringes” is a phrase used to refer to a Bill Gates–funded project to create genetically modified mosquitoes that inject vaccines into people when they bite them. It sounds crazy, but it’s listed on the official Bill and Melinda Gates website.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom will soon implement the Coronavirus Freedom Passport based on a QR system to determine if the user is “innocent” of the CCP Virus. If determined positive, he or she can be prevented from entering pubs, schools, and workplaces.

The Indian government plans to launch a mandatory digital health card inspired by Bill Gates’ concept.

Under the ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme, records of a person’s medical history, including all treatments and tests, will be stored digitally on this card.

Hospitals, clinics, and doctors will be connected to a central server. The measure aims to map the health records of all the country’s citizens in digital format.

These are just some examples of how perverse human beings can be when they possess power, funds, and the ability to create a society paralyzed by fear to control the human population. 


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