Hammer thrower Gwen Berry is being showered with heavy criticism after her disrespectful attitude towards the American flag during the medal ceremony at the Olympic trials. However, she once proudly represented the United States.

While the anthem played at the trials in Eugene, Oregon, DeAnna Price, and Brooke Andersen, gold and silver medalists, faced the flag with their right hands over their hearts. However, Berry shifted her feet, placed her left hand on her hip, and turned a quarter turn to face the stands rather than the flag. She then wrapped her black T-shirt with the words ‘Activist Athlete’ written on the front over her head toward the end.

“I feel like it was a set-up, and they did it on purpose, … I was pissed, to be honest,” Berry said.

However, things were different five years ago before Berry became an “Activist Athlete.” Then, a picture of her holding the American flag was revealed online as she trained for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The picture was copied and shared by Outkick, July 1, 2021 (Outkick.com)

The picture was captured on Berry’s website but has now disappeared. She was described as a hard-working athlete-in-training with “countless hours of training and determination” that “will sure succeed at her dream of representing her country at the 2016 Summer Olympics.”

The picture’s appearance inflamed criticism against the hammer thrower, and she received a tremendous amount of it on social media platforms and television from American citizens.

Former NFL player Jack Brewer appeared on Fox News, slamming the athlete’s disrespectful attitude to her country. He also pointed out a growing trend of people showing disrespect towards the nation, the flag, and the anthem.

“She claims to be standing up against the racism, well, I have news for her that there are a lot that came before her that went through real racism and the only reason they got through it is because they lived in America,” said Brewer.

“We have a massive divide and it’s not because of the president Trump, it’s not because of the conservatives, it’s not because of the patriots of America. It’s because of the leftist mentality that doesn’t appreciate what the country has done for them,” Brewer continued.

When asked about Berry’s response on Twitter, saying, “I never said I hated this country!” Brewer suggested that Berry should be barred from the competition.

He also emphasized the importance of being a role model for the children who tune in to the Olympics to protect them from hate messages.

“We have forces of evil dividing us with Critical Race Theory, and all of the hate messages going out, we need to stop it. And the Olympics is the time for unity and it is the only thing that it needs to represent in the name of Jesus.”

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