An eighth-grade football team in Miamisburg, Ohio, worked to make one of its players feel extra special during its game on Wednesday night, Oct. 9.

Paul Townsend, who is in a wheelchair, was born with spina bifida and was given only a 2 percent chance of living to the age of one. Although he loves sports, he is unable to play.

Townsend is 15 now and has been serving as Miamisburg’s eighth-grade football team manager. He is at every game and helps with water and the equipment.

“It’s exciting it really is and I love the fact that the team has made him apart of it even though he can’t run and walk the way they do, he uses wheels so he does really well for his type,” Helena Baker, Paul’s mother, said.

Baker said she is proud of her son, who even helped draw up the play.

After scoring his touchdown, Townsend said, “It feels great.”

The team’s coach told WKEF the special touchdown took two years to plan.

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