A New York Police Department officer marked the eight NYPD officer to die by suicide this year after allegedly shooting himself in the head at home and left a note left behind on Tuesday morning, authorities said.

On Aug. 13, NYPD News tweeted on its account, saying “The NYPD suffered another tragedy today with the loss of another officer to suicide.”

The suicide happened around 3 a.m. in the Yonkers home of 35-year-old officer, Johnny Rios, shared with his fiancée and her children, law enforcement sources said. The fiancée was home at the time, sources said. It is unclear if the children were.

The seven-year veteran who had been temporarily assigned to a detail around Yankee Stadium and was off-duty at the time, two law enforcement sources told CNN.

Since June, six NYPD officers have reportedly committed suicide. The recent cluster has rattled the department, with leaders trying to come up with a way to tell the rank and file that it’s OK to ask for help.

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