An off-duty Florida police officer saved the lives of two passengers early Wednesday after their car flipped into water.

The crash happened just before 1 a.m. near Andrew Jackson Middle School in Titusville.

Cocoa Police Department Cpl. Kenneth Brackin was just about to get into the shower after returning home from his shift when he heard a loud screeching sound, then a bang.

“I could hear somebody banging on the inside of the car while it was underwater,” Brackin said. “It didn’t really matter what it took. I was going to get in there and do something.”

Brackin, after trying to open several of the car’s doors, eventually was able to free both of the vehicle’s occupants, who told FOX35 Orlando the water was about five feet deep and only six inches of breathing room remained inside the vehicle.

Brackin said, “All I could see was just his face, sitting in the top in the air and trying to breathe.”

Both passengers made it out OK, and Brackin insists he did nothing extraordinary.

“When you have the opportunity to do something or save a life, you know, you have to go in and do it,” Brackin said.

A man who identified himself as the dad of one of the passengers also told FOX35 Orlando that if Brackin didn’t act as he did, “we would be making funeral arrangements right now.”

“I want to shake the man’s hand. I’m proud of him. We need more officers like him,” he added.

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