The results of the Common Core curriculum for reading and math, imposed by Obama on state education systems a decade ago “are, frankly, devastating,” U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said in the National Assessment of Educational Progress 2019 report.

“This country is in a student achievement crisis, and over the past decade it has continued to worsen,” she said, noting, “Every American family needs to open The Nation’s Report Card this year and think about what it means for their child and for our country’s future.”

“This must be America’s wake-up call. We cannot abide these poor results any longer. We can neither excuse them away nor simply throw more money at the problem,” she said.

These recent statements by the secretary of education coincide with the numerous denunciations that parents and teachers across the country have been making for years about the low standards of Obama’s Common Core and the daze caused by the complicated and unnecessary methods that are taught to solve relatively simple problems.

‘They do not strengthen the high school curriculum’

 “Common Core’s ELA standards do not strengthen the high school curriculum. Nor can they reduce post-secondary remedial coursework in a legitimate way,” warned Sandra Stotsky, professor in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, who served on the official Common Core validation committee and refused to sign the academic legitimacy of it.

“As empty skill sets, Common Core’s ELA ‘college readiness’ standards weaken the base of literary and cultural knowledge needed for authentic college coursework, decrease the capacity for analytical thinking (as I will explain below), and completely muddle the development of writing skills,” she denounced in a letter.

DeVos also said in her statement that the Trump administration already has “a transformational plan to help America’s forgotten students escape failing schools.”

The program would consist of “expanding education freedom, students can break out of the one-size-fits all system and learn in the ways that will unlock their full potential,” DeVos said.

‘Forced by Obama’s government to adopt it,’ former member denounces

“Cash strapped states were coerced by the federal government to agree to adopt the standards and set up student data suction systems” if they wanted to receive Obama’s Race to the Top grant, said former Common Core member and current public school teacher Brad McQueen, according to the Arizona Daily Independent.

The 2009 education reform was paid for with more than $4 billion from U.S. taxpayers, continued the author of the book “The Cult of Common Core: Obama’s Final Solution for Your Child’s Mind and Our Country’s Exceptionalism.”

“The Common Core isn’t just a mindless infection of our society; rather it is an intentional takeover of our education delivery system and therefore a takeover of our children’s minds,” McQueen warned in an email conversation with The Blaze.

“It is a one-size-fits-all, homogenized, centrally controlled education delivery system steeped in Progressive ideology. It is antithetical to everything that makes our country exceptional. This cult is relentlessly pulling our children under its control, with a seemingly endless supply of money, and uses intimidation to silence its opponents,” he said.

He quoted the words of one of his handlers as he worked on the program: “We don’t ever care what the kids’ opinions are. If they write what they think or put forth their opinion then they will fail the test,” he recalled, stressing that the goal is “for students to repeat the opinions of the ‘experts’ that we expose them to on the test. This is the ‘new’ way of writing with the Common Core.” 

Since 41 states adopted the curriculum in 2010, four have decided to overturn it and 12 others have introduced legislation to prohibit its implementation.