Former President Barack Obama used U.S. satellites to spy on the Israeli army on the eve of the controversial nuclear deal with Iran, The New York Times reported.

In an extensive article titled, “The Secret History of the Push to Strike Iran” the media explained that the former president gave the order to monitor the Israeli Defense Force in anticipation that it could launch a sudden attack on Iran, endangering the pact.

U.S. spy satellites “watched Israeli drones take off from bases in Azerbaijan and fly south over the Iranian border, taking extensive photographs of Iran’s nuclear sites and investigating whether Iranian air defenses detected the intrusion,” The New York Times reported.

In addition, U.S. military chiefs began devising response strategies by organizing “war games to predict how Tehran might respond to an Israeli attack and how the United States should respond” in such a situation.

They even theorized about the day of the month they would attack, whether they would choose a time of the month “when the light was higher or lower, or a time of year when sandstorms occur more or less regularly.”

At that time, Israel kept its distance while the United States and Iran held their first conversations that ended up crystallizing in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The New York Times indicated that the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, then considered that this would “be the ultimate betrayal—Israel’s closest ally negotiating behind its back with its most bitter enemy.”

President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement in August 2018, calling it “disastrous,” arguing that it allowed Iran to build a nuclear arsenal “in a short time.”

But this would not be the only supposed espionage device set in motion by the Obama administration in connection with the Middle East nuclear agreement.

The former president also ordered intercepting communications between congressmen and Israeli leaders—as reported by The Wall Street Journal—in order to gather intelligence on how the Jewish state was pressing to boycott the treaty.

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