New York’s largest police union, the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), once again endorsed President Donald Trump for re-election within hours of the polls closing. In a statement to Fox News at noon Tuesday, President Ed Mullins said the SBA encourages citizens to “vote for President Trump.”

During his talk with Fox, Ed Mullins made a special plea to voters, noting that this is not just any election between two people, but that it is a choice between two lifestyles for America, and will particularly have completely different results in the police force. 

Mullins recalled the full Trump administration support for police officers, as opposed to Democratic candidate Joe Biden who “will abandon, defund, and politically indict police officers.”

“The Trump administration has an undisputed record of supporting police officers at a time when many other segments of society are abandoning or openly attacking us,” Mullins said.

Mullins recalled that the Trump administration has rejected, and in some cases reversed, irresponsible policies of some Democratic state governments ranging from cities that released scores of dangerous criminals, to efforts to deny officers the use of safety features such as bulletproof vests.

New York’s Democratic government, led by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, backed laws that the union perceives as anti-cop and pro-criminal.

As reported in the New York Post over the past year, the governor and the New York State Legislature have reformed criminal justice laws that include, for example, the disclosure of internal police disciplinary records, even before they are tested. According to the allegation in a lawsuit filed by the Manhattan police, it will “absolutely destroy the reputation and privacy—and jeopardize the safety—of many of these firefighters and officers.”

In August 2020, de Blasio and the City Council passed a law limiting police action and the use of force and maneuvers to restrain suspects who resist arrest. The mayor also made cuts in the New York Police Department (NYPD) budget.

The murder of George Floyd provoked an unprecedented national response that included some peaceful protests, and many violent confrontations with police, incidents of looting, destruction of public spaces, and demands by activists to “defund the police.” 

The defund the police demand was well received by Democratic leaders across the country. They began a process of cutbacks and transfer of funds leading to a defunding of police forces that, in many cases, made possible an exponential increase in crime and violence in the streets. 

De Blasio pledged in June to transfer an unspecified amount of the NYPD’s $6 billion annual budget to “youth initiatives and social services,” saying, “Vigilance is important, but investments in our youth are critical.” As reported by Fox News, in July the mayor kept his promise and made the $1 billion cut official.

President Trump was totally critical of these measures. And he was adamant that the position of not supporting law enforcement can never be an option for ending crime and insecurity. He even repeatedly told New York authorities he would send in federal troops to help restore order.

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