A New York school safety officer was fatally shot by her boyfriend as the couple were celebrating his birthday.

The carnage was discovered when police responded to a 911 report that somebody was being harassed in a Brooklyn apartment at 11:20 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, the New York Daily News reported.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Naire McCormick, 44, and her boyfriend, Jancy Dempster, 47, dead with bullets in their heads in McCormick’s bedroom.

Dempster had come over to celebrate his birthday with McCormick at her home and had been drinking heavily, according to the New York Post.

He shot McCormick in a fueled rage, he then turned the gun on himself. Police said a gun was found near Dempster’s body.

McCormick was in her 10th-floor apartment with her 13-year-old son Scottie and an older cousin when Dempster visited, Yvonne Jordan, a neighbor who lived across from McCormick, said.

While the couple were in McCormick’s bedroom, they were in the next room and fled into the hallway after hearing the gunshots, police sources said, they then were met by police responding to the 911 call.

Jordan said she often heard the couple fight. Dempster was “a jealous guy.”

“I kept saying [to myself] ‘He’s gonna hurt her, he’s gonna hurt her,’” Jordan said. But she felt helpless to intervene because McCormick was a “strong woman and she stood her ground.”

“She loved him. What are you gonna do?” she said.

Dempster had four prior arrests dating to 1992, including robbery, weapon possession, and assault, sources said.

Her friends said McCormick had been an NYPD school safety agent since 2004 and was assigned to the First Precinct in Lower Manhattan. According to social media posts, McCormick was the 2018 face of Kurvacious, worked as a plus-size model.