A New York City police officer was arrested in Brooklyn on Monday, Sept. 21, on charges of acting as an agent for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)

Baimadajie Angwang, 33, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Tibet, is also a reservist in the U.S. army. According to court papers. He faces charges o acting as an illegal agent for the CCP and committing wire fraud, making false statements, and obstructing an official proceeding.

He “spotted and assessed potential ethnic Tibetan intelligence sources in the New York metropolitan area and beyond,” the complaint said.

Tibetans have suffered severe oppression under the rule of the CCP for decades, with more than one million losing their lives, and countless numbers imprisoned.

“The defendant is charged with violating his sworn oath as a New York City police officer to protect and serve the citizens of New York by instead reporting to PRC government officials about the activities of Chinese citizens in the New York area and developing intelligence sources within the Tibetan community in the United States,” stated Acting United States Attorney Seth D. DuCharme.

“Today’s arrest shows that no one—especially one sworn to uphold the law—is immune from prosecution for illegal acts on behalf of foreign governments.”

During May of last year, prosecutors maintain Angwang came up with a scheme to defraud the Department of Defense “and to obtain money and property from the U.S. government by means of one or more materially false and fraudulent pretenses.”

Angwang allegedly monitored ethnic Tibetans’ activities, passing information onto the Chinese consulate in New York, which included sourcing any Tibetan intelligence sources and giving the consulate access to senior NYPD officers.

Angwang is a civil affairs specialist in the Army Reserve, with a rank of staff sergeant, stationed at Fort Dix, N.J., and has a security level of “SECURITY,” which has given him access to classified information.

He has assisted in the planning, training, and executing of civil-military programs, and advised commanders on the tactical and operational deployment of civil affairs groups, along with the planning, training, and executing of civil-military programs, reports Fox News.

According to the Justice Department, his ties to China are deep, despite him being a Tibetan.

“Had background investigators been aware of the full extent of Anwang’s contact with foreign government officials, Angwang would not have maintained his secret security clearance with the Department of Defense,” according to the complaint.

If convicted, the Chinese national faces a maximum sentence of 55 years’ imprisonment.

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