NYPD officer Alyssa Vogel is being hailed as a hero after stunning surveillance footage of her quickly racing through the chaotic scene at Times Square to bring an injured child to safety after a shooting took place on Saturday, May 8, reported NY post.

Four-year-old Skye Martinez was shopping for toys at Line Friends with her mother, 16-year-old aunt Danae Romero, and other relatives on Saturday afternoon when a gunman arguing with three other people opened fire in the crowd, striking her and two other bystanders.

Martinez—an innocent bystander, was hit by a bullet in her left leg. At that moment, Vogel appeared and held her in her arms and pressed firmly to her leg above the wound, and applied a tourniquet using her gun belt.

“After that, Officer Sparta and I started searching her for other gunshot wounds, to make sure that was the only one,” Vogel said. “When it was determined that was the only one, I had the instinct to pick her up and run her to the ambulance down that block, and that’s when I sprinted with her.”

Vogel called Martinez the “strongest little girl” she had ever seen.

She said: “This little girl was so strong. She didn’t even cry once except when we were putting the tourniquet on. She screamed because it’s very painful.”

Vogel shared that helping Martinez was like a mother’s instinct. She also understands the tension and panic of the mother when she hears that a bullet has hit her baby. Perhaps the baby will suffer spiritual as well as physical pain.

Martinez’s mother, father, and aunt were all with her at the time of the shooting.

“When we ran her to the ambulance the mother and the family were running right behind us, and the mother came on the ambulance with us,” said Vogel.

Vogel kept encouraging and reassuring Martinez’s mother that Martinez would be fine.

“I kept telling her to breathe, that I know what she’s going through because I have a baby myself,” said she. “It was very difficult for her, very traumatic. She saw her daughter just get shot.”

Martinez was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

Vogel, who has been on the force for four and a half years, comes from a police family. She began her career as a teacher.

She said that she loved teaching in Brooklyn but decided she wanted to be a cop to support people in a different way. 

Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD John Miller tweeted that the “dedication of NY’s finest knows no bounds.”

Others were quick to commend and praise Vogel for her bravery. One user said: “Thank you for your service your heroic actions [are not appreciated] enough thank you for keeping us all safe.”

Another echoed these sentiments, saying: “Giver her a medal or something SHE EARNED IT.”

A third thanked the officer for “showing how great the NYPD can be.”

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