A protester on the Brooklyn Bridge attacked a group of New York police, including the highest-ranking uniformed officer, Chief Terence Monahan.

Monahan, together with a sergeant and a lieutenant from his New York office were part of a pro-police group being led by a clergy group when they were confronted by anti-police activists. The march on Wednesday, July 15, included community leaders, elected officials, law enforcement groups, and members of religious congregations. Some in the pro-police group marched with a banner that said, “We Support the NYPD.”

According to 1010 News, the group leader said the march was to highlight the recent increase in violence, including the death of a 1-year-old baby in Brooklyn.
Chief Monahan was supporting the march and had last month on June 1, taken a knee with protesters in the city, demonstrating his solidarity with them.

Police Chief Terence Monahan on June 1, supporting BLM protesters. (screenshot YouTube ABC7)

The activists, some of whom had been camped outside City Hall recently to demand defunding police, met the pro-police group on the bridge.
A clash ensued, and police were hit with sticks, bats, and other objects. Monahan was injured and bloodied and suffered a broken finger.

Three other officers were also injured, including a lieutenant and sergeant, all were taken to the hospital. A total of 37 arrests were made—23 men and 14 women, reports 1010 Wins.

The NYPD tweeted a video showing the attack on the officers on the Manhattan side of the bridge. A person from the protesters on the bridge can be seen running to the side of the bridge and whacking the officers over the head with a pipe or bat, causing serious injuries to three officers, according to the tweet.

NYPD Sergeants’ Union President Ed Mullins who helped organize the march, said Mayor Bill de Blasio has lost control of the city.

“This guy in City Hall will not let us do our job,” Mullins said. “It’s time that stops, and it’s time they have a voice.”

“We’re fighting for unity. It just seems that there’s so much violence,” said Bill Casey from the Retired Sergeant Association. “And the cops are being portrayed as villains instead of what they really are, which is heroes.”

“We support the police and we need their help because this city is becoming a war zone,” said Tamara Lashchyk, a pro-police demonstrator.

“The police are here to help us, you know, not to hurt us,” pro-police demonstrator Clyde Jasmin said. “Report these shootings and murders and hopefully get our city back.”

One anti-police activist, Jonathan Lykes blames police for the clash. “They didn’t want a counter-protest,” he said. “They didn’t want democracy, they didn’t want freedom in this moment. They set us up, intentionally,” reports ABC7.

Meanwhile, a swell of support for the police Anti-Crime Unit to be reinstated has increased as shootings in New York City escalates.

The Protect Our Police PAC was launched on Wednesday, July 8, and so far has received donations from more than 2,100 donors in 50 states.

A political action committee set up to elect pro-police candidates into office at the state and local level raked in more than $100,000 in its first week, reported Fox News.

“The level of support we’ve seen nationwide in just one week proves that Americans still want and need leaders who will back the blue,” Protect Our Police PAC co-chair Nick Gerace said. “As crime skyrockets in cities across the country, it’s never been more important for police departments to be fully funded.”

“Morale at police departments across the country is at an all-time low because officers feel our public officials have turned their backs on them,” co-chair Bob Walls said in a statement. “The only way we will be able to effectively restore confidence and maintain the level of law and order all Americans deserve will be by electing officials who support the thin blue line that acts as a wall between the safety of citizens and anarchy.”

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