New York Gov. reduces medical professionals’ quarantine time and responds to COVID criticism.

During a speech in Albany on Friday, Dec. 24, Governor Kathy Hochul said that New York reduces the time workers must stay at home after testing positive for COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated workers in health care and other frontline industries can return to work in five days instead of ten if they do not show symptoms or if their diseases are in recovery under the state’s new vital worker guidance.

The governor added that they must be fever-free for 72 hours, not take medicine, and wear masks while working.

She also launched a Christmas Eve offensive against coronavirus critics.

“We are going to keep things open. We’re going to do the right things, but we will not get complacent. We are going to get through this battle my friends. We’re smart. We know how to do this. We’re not shutting down business. We’re not shutting down schools.” Hochul said.

Meanwhile, the Nurses Association of New York has expressed concerns that the new guidance will worsen staffing shortages.

“This guidance is inconsistent with proven science, vague and doesn’t provide definitions or explain standards at a time when decision-making for healthcare systems is critical,” the union stated according to the Associated Press.

Hochul has also encountered controversy due to her new disguising mandate—designed to avoid shutdowns. Some Republicans have criticized the rule as an exaggeration and an unnecessary tax on businesses.

More than a dozen counties have stated that they will not enforce the injunction.

Hochul declared that the state would open 13 new COVID-19 testing facilities on Dec. 29.

Six hundred thousand test kits have been sent to the city in the two previous days, and that at least two million home testing kits will be sent to schools.

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