One black American man from New York City has captured the internet with his love for President Trump and his eagerness to get his message across, with his video going viral.

He has garnered a swath of fans, as “Barry” in a video interview while seated in a car, waxed lyrical about the president, calling him the “best president since sliced bread.”

“Barry, who are you voting for?” asks someone off-camera, and the bearded man in a hat replied, “Donald J., Don Trump, the Don,” and went on to say, “The man do what he says he’s gonna do,” he added.

“Everything the man say he’s gonna do, he do it. Then his sister, his family, are trying to put him down. She don’t even know what a great man this man they have in their own damn family!”

It would appear Barry was referring to Maryanne [Mary] Trump, the president’s older sister, after the former federal judge had described Trump in a secret recording by his niece Mary, as a man with “no principles.”

Mary, who published a book about Trump this year, boasted she would be voting for his rival, Joe Biden.

Barry’s views on Biden were a total opposite to his summary of Trump.

“Biden? That criminal in 47 years, he didn’t do nothing for the black man,” and he commented on how Biden bragged about the crime bill, the Violent Crime Control, and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which he sponsored as a senator 26 years ago, reported BizPacReview.

Biden’s connections with China and the corruption that has been exposed in his family didn’t escape the ire of Barry either.

“China, 47 years in the place and he want to do everything now that the man say he’s gonna do. Plus, everything he say he’s doing, the president is doing. He’s blaming the president for the virus!” Barry exclaimed and continued, “How can you blame the president? Nobody knew at the time!” he said.

“Nobody knew, and they come, ‘virus, virus, virus, corona, corona,’ like the president brought it here. I can’t believe these sick people,” Barry added, going on to say how the “communists never will work.”

“I’m going to stand back and watch because they ain’t gonna take away the people’s Second Amendment.

I don’t got any, so I’m not worried. But I know it’s America, you can’t touch that, and that’s all they want to do—take away the Amendment,” he said, about the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The off-camera person asked Barry if he thought citizens should vote for Trump.

“They have to,” Barry said in a more serious voice.

“If they do not vote for Trump, it’s finished, brother,” he said, adding that God is “in the mix” protecting the president.

“They can’t touch him. God sent him (at) the right time, believe me,” Barry said, exclaiming that Trump is “the best.”

“He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread,” he reiterated.

Twitter was awash with rave reviews for Barry’s passion, and two of the president’s sons retweeted Barry’s video. Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the video on Wednesday. His brother, Eric Trump, also shared the video, writing “Amazing!”

“This guy lays out the case for re-electing Trump better than almost anyone….,” JT Lewis, the brother of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim who ran for election to the Connecticut State Senate, tweeted.

“I want this guy as my U.S. Senator—we need outsiders representing us in Washington, D.C.,” former acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell wrote on Twitter.

“OMG! I love this man! @realDonaldTrump, please invite this man to the WH! He deserves it!” Lori Hendry tweeted.

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