A Georgia nurse decided to become the legal guardian of a 27-year-old man with autism so he could be eligible for a heart transplant.

Fifty-seven-year-old Lori Wood, an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, decided to take in Jonathan Pinkard, who needed a heart transplant, because he didn’t have a support system, TODAY reported.

“I had to help him. It was a no-brainer,” Wood said. “He would have died without the transplant.”

Pinkard was removed from the heart transplant list since one of the hospital’s requirements was to have someone to care for him after the procedure.

Wood, a single mom, has been assigned to Pinkard since December 2018 and decided to take him in so he could get a heart transplant.

Before this, Pinkard would go home to a men’s shelter whenever he would be discharged from the hospital because he had nowhere else to go.

So, Wood asked if she could be Pinkard’s legal guardian within just two days of knowing him. Although not knowing a thing about Pinkard when he moved in, the two immediately connected over football and “Family Feud.”

“It’s been a joy having Jonathan here with us,” Wood said. “I knew this is what I was supposed to do.”

Pinkard was able to have his heart transplant last August, as per the report, and plans to go back to work as an office clerk by December.

He now calls Wood “Mama.” Wood, on the other hand, continues to monitor Pinkard’s daily medications and brings him to his appointments. Sheis also helping Pinkard to improve his credit score and teaching him the life skills he needs to live independently.

“She treats me like one of her sons,” Pinkard said, “I am truly thank for that.”