North Korea’s state media is describing leader Kim Jong Un’s meeting with President Donald Trump at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) as “an amazing event” in the border village it notes is a symbol of the Korean Peninsula’s division.

The Korean Central News Agency reported that the two leaders expressed great satisfaction over the results of their talks. Also included in the state media report is a description of Kim exchanging “warm greetings” with South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in.

President Trump and Kim agreed to restart negotiations designed to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, a point included in the state media recap of the event.

President Trump just had a tweet summarizing his trip, saying: “So many amazing things happened over the last three days. All, or at least most of those things, are great for the United States. Much was accomplished.”

The president also looks forward to seeing leader Kim and has their teams work on solutions in another tweet: “It was great being with Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea this weekend. We had a great meeting, he looked really well and very healthy – I look forward to seeing him again soon. In the meantime, our teams will be meeting to work on some solutions to very long term and persistent problems. No rush, but I am sure we will ultimately get there!”

On Sunday, June 30, he had a historic meeting with North Korea leader, Kim at the Demilitarized Zone, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to step into North Korea.

The DMZ meeting was the third meeting between the two leaders, which seemed to be unexpected. The two previous official meetings were hosted in Singapore and Hanoi, Vietnam. Attempts for negotiations to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula from both sides still face obstacles due to differences. 

Updated: added second President Trump’s tweet.

Includes reporting from The Associated Press