When a victim tried to report three black women for allegedly robbing her in Illinois, witnesses accused her of being prejudiced against those belonging to another race.

Yeonmi Park tried to make a citizen’s arrest after one of the women allegedly stole her purse in downtown Chicago. However, the North Korean defector was shocked after several white bystanders tried to stop her from alerting law enforcement officers.

“I tried to call the police and they prevented me from calling the police,” she said according to the New York Post. “That is when I was thinking, ‘This country lost it.'”

About 20 witnesses began calling Park a racist because she described the ethnicity of her alleged attackers outside the Saks Fifth Avenue department store on Michigan Avenue.

“They were telling me that the color of their skin does not make them a thief,” she said according to the publication. “Calling a black person a thief is racist.”

The 27-year-old insists she has nothing against African American people, and was only concerned about stopping crime.

“Anybody can become a murderer or a thief but it just happened to be a black woman,” she said.

The expatriate claimed if the same thing happened in North Korea, bystanders would have unconditionally rushed to her aid.

“They are not going to just, out of nowhere, scream: ‘You are a racist,'” she said.

The remarks came as the Windy City experiences a looting wave. Park, who is an outspoken critic of ‘woke’ culture, blames authorities for hesitating to enforce the law out of fear they might also be targeted.

Police eventually tracked down Lecretia Harris through analyzing surveillance footage and tracking Park’s credit cards. The 29-year-old suspect was sentenced to two years in prison according to CWB Chicago.

However, the victim continues to be criticized for performing a citizen’s arrest. Liberal-minded Chicagoans have even declared her an “enemy of the woke.”

Park and her family escaped Communist North Korea back in 2007 when she was just 13-years-old. They lived in mainland China and South Korea before finally relocating to the United States, where she enrolled at Columbia University in New York during 2016. During her studies she became increasingly concerned about the university curriculum trying to teach her how to think.

She realized so-called “woke” culture in the United States is a lot like communist censorship in North Korea.

“I literally crossed the Gobi Desert to be free and I realized I am not free,” she previously told the New York Post. “America is not [truly] free.”

Park recently chastised Olympic track and field athlete Gwen Berry for refusing to salute the U.S. flag.