North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered a senior higher education official’s execution for “anti-party activities” after he complained about not receiving government support and resources to improve the communist country’s education system.

According to Fox News, the 50-year-old official, identified as Park, had served since last year as chairman of the “Non-permanent Commission for the Implementation of the Distance Education Law,” created to study the possible impact of implementing the proposed law.

According to the information obtained, the Commission was established in June last year, but the Organization and Guidance Department (OGD) was not satisfied with the results obtained. For this reason, they decided to carry out an investigation of its members and the work performed.

The OGD investigated the more than 20 members of the Commission and particularly Park, its president. 

The Commission had regular working meetings since its formation. At each of these meetings, complaints were raised about the need to install appropriate equipment before the Distance Education Act could be implemented. 

Park repeatedly explained this to his superiors, who responded by saying, “There are no instructions from the Central Committee, so stay quiet and keep silent,” according to witnesses who are publicizing the case.

Because Park estimated that the implementation of the Distance Education Law would take a long time, he suggested that it would be better to train teachers, increase the number of schools and instructors and send them to work in relatively underdeveloped regions.

When the authorities received this suggestion and gave no opinion or response, Park expressed his frustration and asked the purpose of the Commission’s role if his recommendations were not going to be heard.

A member of the commission who also serves as dean of Kim Il Sung University’s Faculty of Law met with Ri Guk Chol, president of Kim Il Sung University and head of the Ministry of Higher Education, to discuss the matter. The dean said that “the ‘distance education policy’ is progressing badly, and things were not being done correctly. If the Party finds out, it could become a big problem.”

Reports say Ri Guk Chol then dug up Park’s specific comments and reported it to the Central Committee. It was after receiving Ri’s information that the OGD ordered the investigation into the commission.

The Ministry of Security then intervened and decided that Park should be executed for “anti-party and anti-revolutionary sectarian activities within the education sector.” The source also informed that the OGD would carry out ideological examinations of the other 20 or so teachers during April.

As it usually happens in these authoritarian countries, the Distance Education Law’s decision was already decided. All that was missing was a study to support it, which is why the non-permanent Commission was created.

They did not consider that Park was not sufficiently indoctrinated by Communism to obey the authorities no matter how much they went against his beliefs, which led to the disputes and hence his execution by the state.

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