The Communist Party (CCP )is infuriated with a Nobel Prize winner after his remarks blaming the CCP for the spread of the CCP Virus (coronavirus ) throughout the world.

Mario Vargas Llosa, from Peru, is a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, and said if China was not a dictatorship, but instead a free democratic country, the world would not be facing the pandemic today.

In response, Beijing has filed a formal complaint, citing his “irresponsible attack on China” as well as “ridiculous and evil views.”

Vargas Llosa, 83, commented in El País a daily newspaper in Spain, in a column titled “Return to the Middle Ages?” as reported by the Daily Mail. He compared the panic now gripping Spain to the fear of death in past history, especially during medieval times when the black plague engulfed the world.
Because of the deceit by the CCP with the coverup of the CCP Virus in Wuhan, the virus was allowed to spread uncontrollably throughout China, and the rest of the world.

The effects of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus are turning against them, according to Victor Davis Hanso
A person infected with the CCP Virus is carried on a stretcher while the driver asks not to be filmed. (Screenshot laowhy86/YouTube)

Vargas Llosa wrote, “None of these would be happening in the world if [Communist China] had been a free and democratic country, not a dictatorship as it is.” He continued: ‘Will those fools who believe the Chinese example—that is a free market with a political dictatorship—is a good model for the Third World for once understand it (my above point)?”

The Chinese Embassy in Peru issued a statement, in reply to Vargas, “Viruses don’t have borders and are the common enemy of mankind. It is unreasonable [for one] to accuse or criticize a different political system. Nor will it resolve any issues. We hereby reiterate that all countries have the right to choose a development route that is suitable for their own situation.”

The letter went on to hail the “series of unprecedented and effective” measures taken by the Communist Party to curb the epidemic.

Remember the SARS epidemic in 2002, it was concealed for a month, which caused its spread to 26 countries, and infected 8,000 people.

Reports from Beijing claimed that the first cases of the CCP Virus were recorded in mid-December 2019 but according to outside reporting, cases were discovered in Wuhan a month earlier and kept from the public. Anyone who attempted to alert the public, such as Dr. Li Wenliang from Wuhan, was punished.

Wenliang, 33, an ophthalmologist, posted a warning to fellow medics on Dec. 30, after he had observed seven cases of a virus that were very similar to the SARS virus, and he had suggested medical staff be mindful of wearing protective clothing to avoid infection.

Dr. Li Wenliang (L) before contracting the CCP Virus and (R) after being admitted to Wuhan hospital on Jan. 15, 2020. (Screenshot/Fox News)

Four days later, the Public Security Bureau summoned him and demanded he sign a letter, accusing him of spreading rumors, and “making false comments” that had “severely disturbed the social order.” Li agreed not to voice his concerns in public again, reported The Guardian.
Li was confirmed to have the virus on Jan. 30, and he died on Feb. 7.

He became a hero to many, and grief and anger over his death permeated Wuhan and the rest of China.

After buying its way into schools, universities, and the private sector, the CCP has become bolder in its attack on America, openly blaming the U.S. military for infecting China with the CCP Virus, a lie that President Trump has addressed.

The president, vice president, and secretary of state have referred to the virus as the “Wuhan virus” as a response to what Beijing is inferring.

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