State Rep. Randy Fine (R-Fla.) sent a letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis, asking him to suspend all negotiations with the technology giants that have increased censorship on their networks in an unprecedented way.

“I write today to ask you that you order the immediate divestment of any Florida-held equity and debt of the following companies: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Alphabet (Google),” Fine wrote in his Jan. 12 request, according to a copy attached to the user tweet @cvpayne.

Fine states that closing the accounts of President Donald Trump and crushing the Parler microblogging network is a censure of conservatives and that the group of committed disorders in the Capitol does not represent them.

Big Tech uses the riots on Capitol Hill as an excuse to arbitrarily increase censorship on their platforms.

A bill that Fine intends to introduce would “forbid any state or local government from conducting any business with these companies, effective July 1st of this year,” reported the local media Florida Today.

He added, “No Facebook, Twitter, or Google advertising by Florida governments; no use of any Amazon services by any Florida government; no purchases of Apple or Android devices by any government agency.” 

The letter also states: “If the President of the United States can be silenced by these companies, then so can anyone.”

He also highlighted the fact that the platforms to be sanctioned allow access to terrorists from all over the world who attack the United States and its allies, without any problem. 

Fine announced that he would sell his shares in Apple for $47,838.

The censorship that the technological giants increased against those who do not adhere to their radical leftist narrative has generated widespread rejection, and many of its users have migrated to alternative platforms that respect freedom of expression.

President Trump said that these companies are making a big mistake, and announced that he plans to create his own social network.

“They are dividing and divisive, and they are showing something that I’ve predicted for a long time, I have been predicting it for a long time. And people didn’t act on it,” President Trump said as he headed for the Mexican border on Jan. 12.

 “But I think Big Tech has made a terrible mistake and very, very bad for our country,” he added.