Authorities said a woman stole a $28,000 diamond ring from a New Jersey Costco store by replacing it with a much cheaper ring worth $2,000 she had stolen from a different Costco.

Izaebela Kolano is facing a theft charge.

Police in New Jersey said the 49-year-old Nutley woman stole a $2,000 diamond ring Sunday from a store in Wayne. She then traveled to the other store in Clifton and asked to see the more expensive ring.

After looking at it for a few moments, Kolano allegedly returned the cheaper ring and left the store with the more expensive one before workers realized what had happened.

Costco management called police after determining that the original ring had been replaced by the cheaper ring, and police tracked down Kolano.

Authorities eventually found Kolano at her home but were unable to locate the stolen ring. After further questioning, police said she eventually told them she hid it under a rock on a dead-end street in a nearby town, and officers found it.

It’s unclear if Kolano has retained an attorney.

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