On Saturday, May 8, a balcony full of party-goers at a beachfront Malibu home collapsed onto rocks below, at least nine people suffering from traumatic injuries. 

The collapse occurred at the 20500 block of W. Pacific Coast Highway around 5 p.m, officials at the Los Angeles County Fire Department told ABC7

One witness reported the house was hosting a birthday party. Standing on the deck were up to a dozen people when a resounding crack sounded as the deck shattered, dropping the people on top of it approximately 15 feet down the rocks beneath. 

“(There were) probably like 10 people on the back deck and we heard a crack and I literally saw all of my best friends and my girlfriend fall 15 feet to the rocks,” said one man.

“It was a freak accident. I don’t know how that happens … the deck literally just gave out,” he added.

Nine people were hurt during the accident, with four hospitalized and two in a critical condition. Fortunately, authorities confirmed no fatalities occurred.

According to professionals, the deck must have been carrying more people than its original capacity, causing the collapse.

“Down below are jagged rocks, large rocks, so a very dangerous situation and fortunately, no one was hurt seriously or killed,” said Captain Ron Haralson with the fire department, reports abc7.

The homeowner told NBC Los Angeles that the deck’s maximum occupancy was only six individuals, and it had been was rented for the weekend. When the deck broke, she said she was actually telling the tenants to leave via phone call. 

One Twitter user shared shots of the rocks beneath the balcony, saying that only locals noticed the danger of the designs and had been cautious of the danger.

“Today … you can see some have extended their balconies further than others. Those that live here, understand, those that airbnb, not so much,” wrote Melonie Kastman as she provided the picture on the platform. 

L: Under the collapsed balcony in Malibu | R: A different angle of the scene, both pictures were captured by @KastmanMelonie, local resident, and shared on Twitter.

Watch surveillance footage of the collapse: