The NFL has been criticized by Second Amendment supporters for banning pro 2A ad but approved Michael Bloomberg’s $10 Million Super Bowl Gun Control Ad, which was released on Thursday, Jan. 30.

Colion Noir, a 2A advocate with more than 1 million follows his Facebook page, posted a video title “NFL bans pro 2A ad but Approves Michael Bloomberg’s $10 Million Super Bowl Gun Control Ad,” pointed out the NFL in 2014 rejected Daniel Defense’s Pro-Second Amendment Super Bowl ad but “rolled out the red carpet” when Bloomberg wanted to run an anti-Second Amendment ad.

“According to the NFL, they rejected the ad because it was promoting firearms. I don’t know about you, but from what I saw, it was promoting the Second Amendment and self-defense,” he said in the video. “Daniel Defense even said they take down the image of the gun in the logo and replace it with the American flag and the NFL still said no,” he continued.

For the rest of the video, Noir talked about how the Democratic candidate, according to him, “exploits the black condition in America.”

The video has been seen more than 350,000 times with more than 14,000 shares and 2,400 comments. 

Michael Bloomberg tweeted the ad on Jan. 30, saying, “This is a story that needs to be told. This is a crisis that needs to end. This is why I’m running for president.”

The 60-second ad tells the story of Calandrian Simpson Kemp, a Texas mother whose 20-year-old son was shot just around midnight after pulling into a Richmond, Texas, neighborhood, calling an individual on his cellphone, and challenging him to a fight, the Houston Chronicle reported on Sept. 27, 2013. 

“George started playing football when he was four years old. He would wake up every Saturday, ready for the game. That became our life. He had aspirations about going to the NFL,” the video started with Simpson Kemp saying. “On a Friday morning, George was shot, George didn’t survive,” she continued.

“When I heard Mike was stepping into the ring, I thought, ‘Now we have a dog in the fight,’” Kemp said in the ad. “I know Mike is not afraid of the gun lobby. They’re scared of him, and they should be.”

She concluded, “Mike’s fighting for every child. Because you have a right to live. No one has a right to take your hopes and dreams.”

Bloomberg’s ad will run in competition Sunday with an ad for Trump’s re-election campaign, also priced at roughly $10 million.

“I chose to devote the entire sixty-second ad to gun safety because it matters to communities across the country and it will be a top priority for me as president,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

“Calandrian’s story is a powerful reminder of the urgency of this issue and the failure of Washington to address it,” he added. “People will be rooting for different teams in the Super Bowl, but virtually all Americans—including people in both parties and a majority of gun owners—support universal background checks and other common-sense gun laws.”

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