Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich announced during an interview on Fox News Saturday night an overwhelming victory for President Trump over Joe Biden in the November election.

Focusing his criticism on the actions of the Democratic Party and its representatives, Republican Newt Gingrich predicted a “much bigger victory than people expected. 

According to Gingrich, the policies carried out by the Democrats are so terrible that it is enough for the Republicans to distance themselves from them to win the election. Looking ahead to this week’s Republican National Convention, his recommendation was, “We don’t have to want to make stuff up. We don’t have to invent some post office phony scandal. We just have to tell the truth about how radical these people are.”

Gingrich spoke of the continuing chaos in places like Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and New York, large cities run by Democrats who are implementing increasingly radicalized leftist policies with catastrophic results in insecurity, unemployment, and corruption. 

It was striking that during the Democratic Convention neither Biden nor the vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamela Harris (D-Calif.) spoke about the situation, much less its causes.

“For more than 90 days we had riots every day, that’s starting to be a fact. And it was very interesting to me that neither [Joe] Biden nor [Kamala] Harris were willing to say a word about antifa, [or] a word about a level of crime,” Gringrich said.

Gingrich noted that Joe Biden gave, during the Democratic Convention, his best speech yet on the campaign trail. However, he assured that it is based on lies and omits a large part of the reality, seeking to disguise bad government by the Democrats who now have power in certain areas where total chaos prevails. 

As a result, Democratic voters would be relying on a weak structure sustained by lies and no real arguments. As a result, Gingrich assures that Joe Biden’s position in the polls “is not going to last” and people will soon realize that they can’t give him their vote. 

Yesterday on his Twitter account he set out his criticism of Joe Biden, “From promising to raise taxes on American workers, to pushing for AOC and Bernie’s reckless Green New Deal, to adopting more government intervention in health care, there can be no doubt that Joe Biden is an accomplice of the radical left.