A New Yorker slammed educators for teaching minors a theory that all property should be community-owned.

Worried mother Tatiana Ibrahim accused liberal New York City schools of forcing students to accept “socialist” ideology without question.

The Carmel resident recently urged her local Education Board to cut funding for liberal curriculums that incite hatred towards police officers and stigmatize those who disagree with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) lifestyle.

“Stop indoctrinating our children, stop teaching our children to hate the police, [and] stop teaching our children that if they do not agree with the LGBT community that they are homophobic,” Ibrahim said in a video shared on YouTube. “[Stop] calling for the death of a former President [Donald Trump,] or saying that any child that does not believe in Black Lives Matter should be canceled out.”

Ibrahim compared multiple board and panel members to “liars” and other treasonous characters.

“You are emotionally abusing our children and mentally abusing them,” she can be heard saying. “You are demoralizing them by teaching them communist values … [and] you created a curriculum of Black Panther [Party] indoctrination.”

The mother also criticized the educational establishment for using taxpayer money to discourage youth from openly speaking about their spiritual beliefs.

“You are teaching my children and other children that if they believe in God almighty they are part of a cult,” she said. “Is this what my tax dollars are paying for?”

Board member Michelle Torto interrupted Ibrahim without waiting for her speech to end. Torto tried to ask the mother to make her complaint to the superintendent privately or simply “leave your info for an employee tomorrow.”

However, the parent refused to be silenced and pointed out Torto and the other board members are civil servants who should be held accountable for their actions.

“You work for me, I do not work for you [and] you have a duty—we are entrusting our children to you,” she said. “We teach our children morals, values [but,] when they grow up to commit crimes and end up in prison and kill a police officer, it is our fault? No, it is your fault.”

The board member once again interrupted Ibrahim’s speech and accused her of being hostile.

“I have no problem having a peaceful discussion [but] this is not a peaceful discussion,” Torto can be heard saying.

However, the speech was allowed to continue after the mother clarified that she was not violent or aggressive during her presentation.

“To me this is peaceful,” she said. “I not burning, looting or murdering–this is peaceful.”

The video was viewed more than 883,000 times and liked by 44,000 viewers at the time of publication.

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