New York State’s brand new governor, Kathy Hochul, wrote a letter to Facebook’s CEO on Monday, Sept. 13, asking him to censor pro-life posts as ‘false’ and ‘misinformation’ about a ‘common medical procedure.’

Governor Kathy Hochul, who recently replaced Andrew Cuomo after he resigned over the sexual abuse scandal, sent a letter addressed to Mark Zuckerberg. She expresses her concern about the amount of interaction anti-abortion posts have on the Facebook platform.

In her letter, the Democrat congratulates Facebook for its work to combat ‘dangerous lies about vaccines’ because she believes that fighting misinformation ‘can save lives.’

But for the governor, another critical medical issue is the subject of rampant falsehoods and misinformation that is not vaccines nor COVID.

“Each day, posts are liked and shared on your site that make false claims about abortion procedures and reproductive health legislation,” Hochul wrote.

According to the governor, between January and March 2019, four of the top ten news stories with the most interactions on Facebook were from pro-life sources criticizing and ‘mischaracterizing’ the New York State Reproductive Health Law.

“These articles, memes, and other shared posts often describe horrific procedures that have no basis in reality, cite entirely made-up studies, and purposefully inflate or misrepresent public health data. The goal behind these posts is clear: to sow fear, confusion, and shame, and to advance an agenda to control women’s bodies,” Hochul said in her letter.

The Democrat warns that with Texas’ new pro-life legislation, which seeks to ban the vast majority of abortions, interest in the abortion issue will be piqued, and many people will turn to Facebook to share, what is according to her, misinformation.

“At a time when women in Texas and other states with restrictive laws are looking for guidance, these posts can make women in need of abortion care feel unsafe and alone,” the governor’s letter said.

Hochul urged Facebook’s CEO in her letter to provide her with information on all measures, if any, the platform takes to combat misinformation ‘about abortion laws, procedures and their availability.’

For the New York governor, abortion is a ‘common medical procedure’ as she asserts one in four women have an abortion in their lifetimes.

“I am proud that New York is leading the fight to ensure that every woman and birthing person has access to abortion care,” was the last thing Hochul wrote in her letter.

The Texas law cited by the Democratic governor bans abortions beyond six weeks when a baby’s heartbeat can be heard.

To enforce the abortion ban—which has been legal since 1973 with the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade—the Texas law uses ordinary citizens to enforce it, avoiding involving the state, which under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution is not allowed to get involved in the private medical decisions of citizens.

In 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world, abortion was the leading cause of global deaths, with 42.7 million unborn babies aborted.

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