The Democratic mayor of New York is mocked with a photo of him wearing the T-shirt of Che Guevara holding the decapitated head of the Statue of Liberty

On Tuesday, July 21, on the Staten Island Expressway, a banner hung for a few hours with a photo of New York Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio wearing a T-shirt of communist Che Guevara holding the decapitated head of the Statue of Liberty, the New York Post reported.

Artist Scott LoBaido, author of the banner in question, said, “It’s what he’s doing to New York, he’s severing the head of the greatest city on earth. New York has turned into an [expletive removed] because of this guy.” “He hates the true New Yorkers: police officers, firefighters … people who built this city,” the artist added. 

The banner was hung at Exit 13B during rush hour and Scott said people were honking “like crazy” in support of his demonstration. 

Although the police made him take it down an hour and a half later, the artist said he plans to hang the banner elsewhere in the city.

LoBaido, expressed through this banner, his anger with the much-criticized Democratic mayor for his handling of the riots, his radical positions, and double standards when judging the same fact.

When riots, robberies, and looting broke out across the country in the name of fighting racism over the death of George Floyd, New York was no exception. However, Democratic leaders like de Blasio, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Seattle’s Jenny Durkan and Portland’s Ted Wheeler, instead of trying to establish law and order as responsible of city they run, decided to liberate the city or as they put it “allow peaceful protest.”

De Blasio recently cut $1 billion from the police budget, banned the use of police tactics to reduce suspects in cases of need, and even withdrew the anti-crime unit of about 600 police officers. Crime has skyrocketed in the city, and even African American communities said they don’t feel safe, and they need more police presence.

The mayor was also criticized for participating in the Black Lives Matters “mural” on Fifth Avenue in front of the Trump Tower, which the president said denigrates “this luxury Avenue.”

De Blasio responded, “Here’s what you don’t understand. Black people BUILT 5th Ave and so much of this nation. Your ‘luxury’ came from THEIR labor, for which they have never been justly compensated. We are honoring them. The fact that you see it as denigrating your street is the definition of racism,” Fox News reported.

However, it is not clear how the African American community is “honored” and compensated by painting a slogan that was born from a Marxist group that wants to completely destroy the country, its system, its principles, and its people. Rather, it seems that the mayor is virtue signaling, as the vast majority of Americans do not think of America as a racist country.

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