Heartwarming footage captured the moment a jogger in Lower Manhattan took off his shoes and gave them to a homeless man, before walking away barefoot.

The video was posted to Twitter with the caption, ‘It was 9 a.m. in the World Trade Center area. I watched as a jogger took off his sneakers, gave them to a homeless man, and walked the New York streets barefoot.”

The Twitter user, who identified herself by her first name Antonella, said she witnessed the heartwarming scene on Sunday morning, Aug. 18.

“I watched the jogger talk to the homeless man and then start to take off his shoe, then his sock,” the woman said.

She initially thought the jogger was donating some cash to the man.

‘This is as close as I’ll ever come to hitting the lotto, watching this moment was priceless! Thanks for watching everyone.’ She added that she hoped the man didn’t have a long walk home without his shoes.

The homeless man, Joe Arroyo, said he couldn’t believe it.

“I never thought somebody would come out and take their shoes off and just give them to me,” he said.

The jogger then walked off barefoot. Arroyo said he’s grateful for the jogger’s help.

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