A Democrat, who represents the nation’s most populous city, seems to favor letting more Americans be shot by criminals rather than admit he needs help from the Trump administration.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is opposing the president’s plan to have the U.S. Department of Justice send in “skilled law enforcement officers” to work with the New York Police Department to restore law and order.

According to the Oval Office, more than 300 Americans were shot in the Big Apple in July, representing a 277 percent increase on the same month last year.

However, the mayor is not interested in letting the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshall Service, and other federal agencies join the fight against crime because they are “not needed.”

“What a dangerous precedent it is for the president to send in federal officials to do work, which they are not supposed to be doing,” he said in a Twitter video. “People from agencies with entirely different responsibilities are being sent in to do crowd control, to not only monitor protests but also interfere with protests as the president said very bluntly to ‘dominate protests’—that is dangerous, dangerous thinking and it threatens the core values of this country.”

He even threatened to take legal action and use the judiciary system to keep more law enforcement officers off the streets.

“We are New Yorkers and we will not take lightly if we see federal officers in New York City,” he said, “If we do, we will be in court.”

President Donald Trump criticized de Blasio and other elected Democrats in New York and other states for sympathizing with extreme “anarchist” protests that swept across the nation after Minnesotan George Floyd died in custody on May 25.

“For decades politicians running many of our cities have put the interests of criminals above the rights of law-abiding citizens,” he said in a press conference video shared on Facebook. “The same politicians have now embraced the far-left movement to break up our police departments, causing violent crime in their cities to spiral, and I mean spiral seriously, out of control.”

The mayor previously allowed extreme protesters to vandalize the city’s iconic Fifth Avenue in Midtown with an anti-police brutality message.

The decision left one of the nation’s most elegant and expensive neighborhoods defaced with the words “Black Lives Matter” painted on the road surface outside Trump Tower, between 56th and 57th streets.

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