On Tuesday, Oct. 12, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio concluded proceedings by terminating the lease of land to take away a luxury golf course from the Trump Group that was under contract until 2035—on the grounds that the city wants no relationship with Trump because of his involvement in the Jan. 6 incidents on Capitol Hill, Daily Mail reported.

On Jan. 6 of this year, a group of people stormed the congressional grounds while the certification of the presidential election was taking place.

Not far away from the incident, Trump was holding a rally where thousands of his supporters remained peacefully.

When the violence began, Trump returned to the White House and recorded a message asking his supporters to return peacefully to their homes.

Democrats then held Trump’s second impeachment trial for allegedly inciting the so-called Capitol Hill ‘insurrection”. Reviewing the evidence and noting that the former president always used the expression peacefully, the Senate cleared Trump of responsibility for the incidents.

In August, the FBI released a report concluding that there was no evidence that the violation of the congressional perimeter had been coordinated.

Nonetheless, Bill De Blasio vowed to cut ties with the Trump Group, citing the Capitol Hill incidents, which is why he abruptly terminated the Trump Group’s contract with a luxury golf course in the Bronx borough.

The former president released a statement lambasting the mayor for his communist tactics of expropriating property from his political enemies.

“He wants to CONFISCATE the project from me for no reason whatsoever, and terminate my long-term arrangement with the city—and to think I just opened a beautiful $10 million clubhouse,’ Trump wrote of de Blasio in an emailed statement through his Save America PAC,” Trump wrote on the Save America PAC website.

“The course has received rave reviews, is considered one of the top ten open to the public facilities in the United States (could even be the best!), is designed for tournament play, and Mayor De Blasio wants to take it away after all of the work was so successfully done, and so much money was spent,” Trump wrote.

“So unfair—this is what happens in Communist Countries, not in America!” the former president stated.

Last Wednesday, a city panel voted—although there were two who voted against it, and one insisted the measure needed more debate to proceed with canceling the contract to Trump and giving the concession to Bobby Jones Links of Atlanta.

However, the Trump Group’s legal representation asserted that the city would have to pay $30 million, which is the money invested in building Trump Golf Links.

The Trump Group sharply criticized the decision in a statement describing how it went from being an abandoned place to a golf course:

“After the City wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money in its prior failed attempts to complete this project, we stepped in and, at the City’s request (much like Wollman Rink in the 1980s), invested over $30 million of our own money to deliver to the people of the City of New York what has been widely recognized as one of the most magnificent public golf experiences anywhere in the country.”

Neighbors, course employees, and even Bronx community leaders also complained that the mayor was using his political rancor to cancel a project that has been beneficial and lucrative for the area.

Albert D’Angelo, president of Bronx Community Board 11, said the city failed to consult local residents before proceeding to cancel the contract.

“Before any decision is made by the City of New York, they need to talk to the people in the area,” D’Angelo said, and that “has not been done.”

He also said the financial benefit of wealthier people visiting the golf course spills over into the surrounding area, injecting much-needed money into the local economy of multiple Bronx neighborhoods.

Gene DeFrancis, a war veteran and lifelong Bronx resident who holds a leadership position in the Bronx County American Legion, said the Trump golf course had been a “good friend” to the veteran’s group.

He said the Trump Group donated golf carts to help veterans with mobility issues better access the Veterans Affairs medical center in the nearby Kingsbridge neighborhood.

“This needs to stop. We need to come together and stop with this partisanship,” DeFrancis said.

Having terminated the contract early and without a legal argument, the city will have to pay a termination penalty that, while currently disputing the figure presented by Trump’s lawyers, the $30 million, will be a hefty sum.

The Trump Group must vacate the venue by Nov. 15.

Initially, de Blasio had argued that the reason for canceling the contract was that the club had failed to attract prestigious tournaments, many of which stopped holding their competitions at the Trump court after the Jan. 6 incidents.

But Trump’s legal representation argued that the contract does not require the club to host prestigious tournaments but only maintain a first-class, international-quality court.

De Blasio finishes his second and final term as mayor of New York City in November of this year, and critics say this is where his rush to ‘oust’ Trump from the city lies.

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