Several political campaigns in New York have come under criticism over campaign messaging deemed by some to have been designed to exploit voters’ racial biases or xenophobia.

In the latest skirmish, a Democratic congressman in California assailed a New York Republican colleague over an attack ad that showed his opponent speaking Korean, over a backdrop of ominous music, a portrait of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and captions falsely implying he was talking about sending American jobs to Asia.

This screen shot is from a campaign ad posted on YouTube posted by the National Republican Campaign Committee for New York’s 19th Congressional District contest between first-term Republican Rep. John Faso and Democratic challenger Antonio Delgado, invoking his past as a rapper. It is among several attack ads raising critiques of how race and ethnicity are being injected into some of this election cycle’s races, also including the New York governor’s race, where accusations of anti-Semitism were invoked. (YouTube via AP)

U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu of California on Twitter told U.S. Rep. Chris Collins of western New York’s 27th District to “take your racist ad and shove it.”

A Collins spokeswoman said the ad was about the economic policies of Democratic opponent Nate McMurray, and race had nothing to do with it.

Source: The Associated Press

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