Three New York City police officers are being hailed as heroes for saving a man’s life after he suffered a heart attack at a bowling alley on Staten Island Monday night, Oct. 14.

The officers were easing into their first game on league night at Rab’s Country Lanes in South Beach around 7 p.m. Sunday when one of them, Giovanni Cucuzza, 28, noticed a man falling onto his knees a few feet away.

Cucuzza and his NYPD teammates then sprang into action and were able to revive the 65-year-old man.

Although the off-duty officers were lauded for saving the life of the man, Officer John Desiderio said they did not feel like heroes.

“This is what we signed up for,” he said during a press conference on Monday. “It’s great just to help people. It’s second nature to us where our training kicks in, and that’s it. I’m a normal person, and I feel like a normal person.”

EMS transported the victim to to Staten Island University Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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