The FBI dismantled two human trafficking rings operating in New York with the protection of a police officer who brought girls and women from Mexico with the promise of a better life to eventually prostitute them.

According to the FBI press release issued on Dec. 14, a Brooklyn federal court indicted six people from the Cid-Hernandez Sex Trafficking Organization and the Godinez Prostitution Business.

Police officer Wayne Peiffer from the Brewster Police Department was also indicted for transporting underage girls, forcing them into prostitution, using federal buildings to commit crimes, extortion and bribery.

“… the defendants conspired to lure young women and minor girls to travel to the United States based on false promises of a better life and forced them into prostitution once they arrived,” stated U.S. Attorney Peace.

Both organizations operated primarily in Putnam County where the corrupt officer offered them protection that included giving them advance notice of police raids, intervening to keep them from being arrested.

In exchange, the two organizations would bring women and girls as young as 14 years old to him for police officer Peiffer to sexually abuse, sometimes even at the Brewster police station itself.

According to the FBI, Peiffer had been aiding criminals and abusing victims since at least 2006.

Both human trafficking rings were based in the borough of Queens and from there transported the women to different locations in New York State for prostitution.

“… the individuals named in the indictment were part of an elaborate network of conspirators that used deception and coercion to sell dreams of a better life in the United States to young and impressionable women, who arrived only to be forced into a miserable life of torment, sexual abuse and prostitution at the hands of their captors,” Special Agent Patel said in the FBI’s statement.

Since May 2002, members of the Cid-Hernandez Sex Trafficking Organization, engaged in the sex trafficking of young women and underage girls into prostitution.

The criminals used coercion, threats, fraud, and force to recruit young women and underage girls from Mexico into prostitution in the United States. They pressured the victims to travel to the United States with false promises of employment and a better life. Once in the country, the victims were forced into prostitution.  Young women and underage girls were transported to prostitution clients throughout New York State.

The Department of Justice assured that the rescued victims are receiving every assistance from the federal government in order to overcome the trauma and allow them to heal.

However, that people who are supposed to be on a mission to protect the innocent end up being the perpetrators has had a major impact on public opinion.

Cases of officials at the highest level abusing children and being protected by the police is not news.

In 2017 the UK police accused former British Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath of raping more than 30 children during his tenure as head of state for the Conservative party.

According to Mike Veale, the police chief who oversaw the case, the abuses occurred and remained covered up due to the protection of the police and his very entourage.

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