A New York Times journalist specializing in the White House was reprimanded by her colleagues for asserting in a tweet that President Donald Trump used inside information regarding August job creation data.

It all started when President Trump tweeted on Thursday, Sept. 5, “Really good Jobs number!”

When the president wrote the tweet the official data had not yet been published, as it was scheduled for Friday, so the journalist began to question the president.

“Did potus get an advance look at numbers out … tomorrow? And try to spin them ahead of time, which is deeply questionable as an action by a president?” Maggie Haberman wrote on Twitter.

Many of her colleagues quickly pointed out to the journalist that on Thursday the report by the private consulting firm ADP and Moody’s Analytics showed an increase of 195,000 jobs for the month of August and that most likely the president was referring to that.

Figures released Thursday by the consulting firm show that the number of jobs in August exceeded Wall Street estimates and added the fourth month of consecutive rises with 47,000 more jobs than in July.

Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts was one of many media personalities who clarified the situation for Haberman.

“Or perhaps he was quoting the ADP employment report …” Roberts tweeted.

Even New York Times economic correspondent Neil Irwin seemed to give a mild reprimand to Haberman and tweeted: “Keep in mind the White House won’t get the main BLS employment report, due out tomorrow AM, until late this afternoon. This is very likely about the private-sector ADP report and/or weekly initial claims.”

For his part, Epoch Times columnist Brian Cates commented that Haberman was possibly trying to tarnish excellent employment numbers that do not fit the narrative about the damage the trade war with China is doing to the U.S. economy.

“DNC Media has been driving a narrative for weeks that Trump’s unnecessary trade war with China & these new tariffs are KILLING the economy & job creation, we’re headed to a recession You think Maggie wants to report on these fantastic job creation numbers? Well she doesn’t,” Cates said.

Aaron Blake of The Washington Post soon retracted a tweet he had written with a critique very similar to Haberman’s that accused the president of breaking protocol and posing “problems of possible insider trading.”

Blake tweet: “Mea culpa: I thought Trump might have been previewing BLS job numbers before they came out Friday.” “Seems apparent he was referring to public ADP data,” he added.

Haberman, on the other hand, not only did she not retract her sayings, but she was offended by the comments of her colleagues and again blamed the president for her own confusion, for not having been clear enough.

“This is good twitter, where people reasonably wonder about an unclear POTUS tweet and get shooed by subject-matter-expert reporters, providing WH with sense of justification even though it a POTUS tweet causing the questions in first place,” Haberman wrote.

Campaign of ‘harassment and destruction’ against the president

The NYT is one of the U.S. media that most criticizes President Trump and while it does not hide its ideological closeness to the Democratic Party, the pressure to which the media is subjected by the party is growing.

A huge controversy recently erupted when The New York Times had to change its Aug. 6 front page headline because it reproduced a message of unity delivered by the president.

On Aug. 6, The New York Times published the following front-page headline about the president’s words after the tragic shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, “Trump urges unity vs racism.”

Screenshot FOX News
Screenshot FOX News

After pressure from the Democratic Party, the headline changed to “Assailing hate, but not guns.”

Screenshot FOX News
Screenshot FOX News

Journalist Deroy Murdock in his National Review column wrote in early August that the operation of harassment and destruction by Democrats and their allies against the president is very dangerous to national security and peace in the country.

“By muffling the president’s repeated pleas to undermine racists and unite the country, the Trump-hating media give aid and comfort to bullies and bigots,” the journalist said.

“When journalists almost unanimously bury Trump’s efforts to isolate haters and consolidate America, fear and loathing thrive,” he added.