A lawsuit was filed on July 15 by Virginia State Liberty University against The New York Times for a completely fabricated story about a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus outbreak on campus after the reopening of face-to-face classes.

Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, filed a $10 million lawsuit against the newspaper for a March 29 story titled “Liberty University Brings Back Students, And Fear of Coronavirus, too” according to Fox News.

The newspaper story cites Dr. Thomas Eppes, a university doctor, who said there were several students who presented with flu symptoms. However, Falwell confirmed that they were not symptoms of coronavirus and that the campus had “zero” cases of the CCP Virus.

Falwell Jr. commented on Sean Hannity’s program, “They were here for a few days. I think they got their information from a doctor who has a practice 10 miles away from Liberty, who had seen a few Liberty kids who had a cold and upper respiratory problem. And none of it was anything like COVID symptoms.” 

The university contacted the newspaper to clarify the situation and offered an interview with the doctor in charge of the educational institution, but the offer was declined and in fact, they published yet another story redoubling their efforts to defame the university’s decision to reopen.

The lawsuit also includes a request for the arrest of the two journalists who, despite going past dozens of “No Trespassing” signs, still gained access to the private facilities. In addition, the lawsuit states, these two individuals went from a real virus hotspot, New York, to a place without cases. “They’re dumb enough to take pictures of the posters and post them,” Falwell Jr. said. 

Despite this, the newspaper said that Falwell created his own hotspot of the CCP Virus allegedly by reopening the face-to-face classes.

The Falwell Jr. explained why he decided to reopen the classes after the spring break, “Some of them had elderly relatives living at home and didn’t have high-speed internet, so they couldn’t do online education at home [or] they were international students, had no choice.” He continued, “But out of 8,000 normally here, we had about 1,200 here this spring. We abided by all the governor’s rules and not one case, not one case came out of it.”

Falwell Jr. thinks his university was targeted by The New York Times because he is a fervent supporter of President Donald Trump and his institution is Christian and conservative.

The New York Times has come under intense scrutiny recently not only because it regularly publishes uncorroborated or directly distorted news to make its point, but also because its own journalists leave the company because of the newspaper’s lack of journalistic ethics.