A New York police K-9 helped take down a suspect after the man punched a police officer in the face on Sunday, Nov. 24. 

City of Newburgh K9 Officer Roman Scuadroni responded after receiving a call to Randy Martinez’s home on Washington Street in Newburgh. 

After arriving, Scuadroni tried to talk to the suspect, later identified as Tony Mann, who appeared to make strange movements before punching Scuadroni in the face.

Scuadroni then opened the backdoor of his police vehicle to release his K9 partner, Lee. Lee quickly pounced on Mann and attempted to control his left arm.

Scuadroni puts his arms around Mann’s neck to try to restrain him. Mann is ultimately forced to the ground.

Another officer soon arrives on the scene to help with the arrest, Fox News reported.

According to Martinez, Mann, 23, was dancing around, making lewd hand gestures, appearing to be on drugs when he was leaving his house with a friend.

“I rolled down the window and was going to tell him he can’t be on my property, and then he takes out his knife, and I’m just like, ‘Oh, God, no. What’s going to happen?’” Martinez told the Times Herald-Record.

Martinez said he then called the police seeing Mann walked to the back of his home. He was “so scared,” as his mom, mom’s friend, and aunt were still in the house.

Scuardroni suffered minor cuts and injures.

Investigators said they found a folding knife Mann used to threaten Martinez in the driveway.

Mann was transported to a hospital emergency room for intoxication and to be treated for a minor dog bite. He was reportedly charged with trespassing, third-degree assault, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and second-degree menacing.