Health officials in New York estimated that deaths caused by the CCP Virus had increased by 57% from one day to the next, only those patients were not tested for the virus.

This way of artificially increasing the number of deaths is controversial because it is based on those numbers that important decisions are made for the nation, such as when economic activity will be revived.

When following the statistics on those affected by the pandemic, it was noticed that, although the cases were decreasing, the deaths suddenly increased.

The city’s Health Department reported a total of 6,589 deaths on Tuesday, April 14, from there it went to 10,367, a 57% increase, or 3,778 in a single day, according to Bloomberg.

By April 16, the figure reported was 1,204 deaths, making the steep rise noted the day before even more evident.

This figure supports the continuity of the decline that had already occurred last week, when from an average of 2,000 per day between April 7 and 11, it reached about 1,500 on Sunday and Monday, according to the National Review.

There was no explicit confirmation that all of the deaths were caused by the CCP Virus, only that they presented symptoms similar to those caused by the disease.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had already said April 9 that there was an unexplained increase in deaths in homes and attributed them to the CCP Virus.

“There’s no question in my mind and the doctors can speak to this, the driver of this huge uptick in deaths at home is COVID-19 and some people are dying directly of it and some people are dying indirectly of it, but it is the tragic X factor here,” said De Blasio, quoted by Bloomberg.

Real number of deaths

These kinds of approximations distort the numbers confirmed by the tests and the criteria used increase the doubts about the real numbers.

There is also a suspicion that other cities are artificially increasing the figures to use them for political purposes, and so the higher the figure, the greater the impact.

Andrew C. McCarthy, a former New York district attorney and senior member of the National Review, expressed this view.

“And if the Big Apple is going to cook the books this way, what is to stop Newark, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and the rest?” McCarthy said, referring to cities whose inhabitants are predominantly Democrats, who could use those numbers against President Trump in the upcoming November election.

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coordinator of the CCP Virus Task Force, spoke about the evolution of the pandemic, saying that the rate of new cases has decreased in the United States in the last six days, with nine states each having fewer than 1,000 cases and reporting fewer than 30 new cases per day.